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Andromeda Hôtel Ostend (Flanders)  
Art Residence Beau Site Ostend (Flanders)  
Atelier Klein Verhaal Ostend (Flanders)  
Beau-Site Ostend (Flanders)  
Bibliotheek Kris Lambert Ostend (Flanders)  
CC De Grote Post vzw Ostend (Flanders)  
Café Crayon Ostend (Flanders)  
Café Koer Ostend (Flanders)  
Café Manuscript Ostend (Flanders)  
Café The Roots Ostend (Flanders)  
Casino Kursaal Ostend (Flanders)  
Club Terminus Ostend (Flanders)  
De Illusie, theaterzall Ostend (Flanders)  
De Zwerver Ostend (Flanders)  
Domein Raversyde Ostend (Flanders)  
Fort Napoleon Ostend (Flanders)  
Gerechtsplein Ostend (Flanders)  
H10 Ostend (Flanders)  
H15 Ostend (Flanders)  
H24 Ostend (Flanders)  
H29 Ostend (Flanders)  
H7 Ostend (Flanders)  
In de stad Ostend (Flanders)  
KAAP | Oostende Ostend (Flanders)  
Kinepolis Oostende Ostend (Flanders)  
Le Chatelet Ostend (Flanders)  
Leopoldpark Ostend (Flanders)  
Letterenhuis Antwerp (Flanders)  
Mondo Hotel Ostend (Flanders)  
Mu.ZEE Ostend (Flanders)  
Sint Paulus Plein Ostend (Flanders)  
Soulbar Lafayette Ostend (Flanders)  
Sporthal VTI Ostend (Flanders)  
Sportstrand Ostend (Flanders)  
Sportzaal Ostend (Flanders)  
Stationplein (Oostende) Ostend (Flanders)  
Tatis Jazz Ostend (Flanders)  
Tati’s Jazz Club Ostend (Flanders)  
Thermae Palace Ostend (Flanders)  
Westerkwartier Ostend (Flanders)  
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