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Vogel Records
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  • Now defunct label created by the late Flemish jazz critic Mon Devoghelaere. Until the late 70ies, the label released Belgian jazz albums (LPs), ranging from mainstream to bop and free.
    These albums are out of print and hard to find. Collectors items.

  • Artists : Jack Sels, Fred Van Hove, René Thomas/Jacques Pelzer, the Bop Friends, etc...

    Some releases :

  • Fred Van Hove (Vogel 001)
  • Fred Van Hove/Cel Overberghe : "Een tweede vogel" (Vogel 002, 1972)
  • Fred Van Hove : "Live at the University" (Vogel 004, 1974)
  • Benny Waters (with a.o. Willy Donny)
  • Jack Sels : "The Complete Jack Sels vol. 1 & 2” (101 AS), with the Al Jones Trio, including Roger Vanhaverbeke, Jean Fanis, and also Philip Catherine and a sax section arranged by Jack Sels
  • René Thomas/Jacques Pelzer "TPL" (003S) (Thomas/Pelzer Limited), a quintet with Rein De Graaf (p), Henk Haverhoek (b) and Han Bennink (drs) (1974)
  • The Bop Friends : "Live at the Mozart" (1977), with Etienne Verschueren, Nic Fissette, Tony Bauwens, Roger Vanhaverbeke and Freddy Rottier.
  • The Bop Friends : "Live at the Brussels Jazz Club" (1979)

    The Fred Van Hove albums have been reissued on cd by Atavistiv as The complete Vogel recordings.

  •  Catalogue

    The Bop friends
    Live at the Brussels Jazz Club
    lp 007 - S 1980  
    Jack Sels
    The complete Jack Sels, vol. 2
    lp 102-AS 1978  
    The Bop Friends
    Live at the Mozart
    lp 006 - S 1977  
    Jack Sels
    The complete Jack Sels, vol. 1
    lp 101-AS 1975  
    Thomas Pelzer Limited
    lp 003-S 1974  
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