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  • Record producer and music publisher (Hans Kusters Music).
  • Modern jazz and some historical reissues.
  • Various International jazz artists, several Jack VAN POLL albums + Belgians artists such as :
      Philip CATHERINE, Ben SLUIJS, David LINX, Michel HERR, NORTH SEA JAZZ TENTET, Erwin VANN, Eric LEGNINI, SADI, Tuesday Night Orchestra, Ivan PADUART,
      as participants : Bruno CASTELLUCCI, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE, Dré PALLEMAERTS, Nathalie LORIERS, Bert JORIS etc...
    September Records has recently acquired the catalog of Bizet Productions, which includes classic early Belgian jazz recordings and a few more recent ones. A policy to reissue some of these recordings is currently showing its first results, with a series of releases, a.o. from the "Jazz Club" label.

    In October 2019, Hans Kusters Music took ownership of another Belgian label, B. Sharp, apparently with the intention of reissuing some albums on the September Records label.

    Below is a selection of recent releases from the September label, with a list of albums of Belgian artists which are documented on this site.

  •  Catalogue

    Mimi Verderame
    cd SEPTEMBER 5413 January 2022  
    Diederik Wissels / Andreas Polyzogopoulos
    Before you go
    cd   March 26, 2021  
    Robert Jeanne & Jean-François Maljean
    cd   April 5, 2019  
    Filippo Bianchini
    Sound of beauty
    cd   December 3, 2018  
    Verbiest swings
    from Brussels to Paris
    cd September 5185 April 2018  
    Matteo Di Leonardo
    cd September 5184 March 2018  
    Filippo Bianchini 4tet
    Le voyage
    cd   October 2017  
    Laurens' B
    cd SEPT 5180 October 12, 2015  
    Filippo Bianchini 4-Tet
    Disorder at the border
    cd SEPT 5181 September 16, 2015  
    Jack Van Poll
    The composer
    cd (2 CD) SEPT 5176 November 28, 2014  
    Ella to Bacharach
    cd SEPT 5177 November 2014  
    Robert Jeanne Quartet
    cd SEPTEMBER 5175 October 2014  
    Jack Van Poll
    Just Friends (Live At The Crypt)
    cd September 5174 September 1, 2014  
    Verbiest meets Monk, father & son
    cd SEPT 5173 July 1, 2014  
    Pierre Anckaert / Tom Van Dyck 4-tet
    Union Match
    cd SEPT 5170 October 2013  
    Ivan Paduart
    plays Burt Bacharach
    cd SEPT 5169 April 2013  
    Rony Verbiest
    plays Dave Brubeck
    cd September 5167 December 2012  
    Jean-François Maljean + friends
    cd SEPTEMBER 5166 June 2012  
    Karin Ottelohe
    Nothing really ends...
    cd SEPT5161 November 2011  
    Ivan Paduart
    cd September 5163 October 17, 2011  
    Tuesday Night Orchestra
    In a little provincial town - "A tribute to Bobby Jaspar & René Thomas"
    cd SEPT5161 July 2011  
    Tuesday Night Orchestra
    Band of birds
    cd Sept 05128 May 2008  
    Jean-François Maljean
    Latin One
    cd SEPT 5129 December 2007  
    The Golden Age Of Belgian Jazz, Vol. 2 cd Sep 05127 October 2003 Reissue
    Eric Legnini
    Natural Balance
    cd Sep 05122 January 2003 Reissue
    Joe Lovano
    Solid Steps
    cd 05124 January 2003 Reissue
    Erwin Vann
    Some Sounds
    cd Sep 05123 January 2003 Reissue
    The Golden Age Of Belgian Jazz cd Sep 05121 January 2003 Reissue
    Sadi's Big Band
    Swing A Little
    cd Sep 05125 2003 Reissue
    Michel Herr / Jack Van Poll
    A Tribute To Belgian Jazz
    cd CD 5120 October 1998  
    Ben Sluijs Quartet
    Till next time
    cd CD 5112 June 1991  
    Jack Van Poll
    Cats Groove
    cd   1988  
    Jack Van Poll
    Tree-oh in one
    cd SEPT 5102 1986  
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