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Red Box Records
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Phone +32 (0)484 43 44 33
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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The Red Box label was founded by the non profit association "Red Box Trib", at first to promote the music of the late guitarist and composer Paolo Radoni.
In a second phase, the Red Box label also released albums by other artists such as guitarist Paolo Loveri, bassist Alexandre Furnelle, etc..

Paolo Radoni / Peter Hertmans / Paolo Loveri / Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
Around Paolo Radoni
cd RB004 June 1, 2021  
cd RB06 November 2020  
AF New 5 (Alexandre Furnelle)
Different Kinds Of Blue
cd RB05 March 2019  
Paolo Loveri & Nicolas Gaul
Just one more
cd RB03 2016  
Radoni's Tribe
Let me hear a simple song
cd MOGNO J033 | RB001 April 3, 2009  
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