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Quetzal Records
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  • Record producer and music publisher.
  • Modern jazz and world music
  • Mostly Belgian artists
  • Complete catalog on their web site
  • The records are available via their web site or via the Apple iTunes Music store, including some additional tracks not available on CD (Guy Cabay, Robert Jeanne a.o.)
  • QUETZAL productions are distributed in the Benelux by VIRGIN Records (+32 (0)2 743 42 42)

    "The label was formed in 1989 by drummer Bruno Castellucci and radio producer Patrick Bauwens.
    Nono Garcia was our first artist signed on the label, an incredible Spanish guitar player with a unique touch of expression and great compositions, then it was time to invite a young piano player by the name of Eric Legnini in our family. The combination of a trio including Bruno, Eric and Jean Louis Rassinfosse gave us "Antraigues" nominated " Best Belgian Jazz album in 1994".
    Inside, by Fox and Crows, a pop melodic project including some compositions by Bernard Brochier and myself, was released in 1995. Fox & Crows was born with the help of all those great jazz musicians.
    Other great musicians came along such as Jean Pierre Catoul & Charles Loos with their album "Summer Winds"; "Towards the light" by the Castellucci Stringtet, a blend of classical feelings and pure jazz.
    "Lost & found" celebrating the reunion of John Taylor and the Bruno Castellucci Quintet.
    "The Live Takes Vol. 1" by Toots Thielemans released in October 1999 is one the jewels of this catalog.
    "Restless" from Jean Pierre Catoul & Peter Hertmans offers a unique way to discover these two great musicians - November 1999.

    But Quetzal is also the home of the project "Carnets d'Emeraude", a musical journey broadcasted on Belgian national radio for ten years.
    The well acclaimed radio program is now available on CD in a series to be extended in the upcoming months.

    Feel free to check our selections and many thanks for your interest.

      Patrick Bauwens / Quetzal records
  •  Catalogue

    Charles Loos / Thilbault Dille duo
    cd QZ 147 April 20, 2018  
    Natacha Wuyts & Charles Loos
    cd QZ142 September 21, 2015  
    Ivan Paduart
    Alone #
    cd   February 2014 Reissue
    Stéphane Mercier
    cd QZ136 October 2013  
    Alexandre Furnelle / Peter Hertmans duo
    Sous les grands Arbres
    cd QZ 135 July 21, 2013  
    Natacha Wuyts - Charles Loos
    cd QZ 134 November 20, 2012  
    The Belgian Jazz Factory / second session downloads (Apple iTunes Store)   May 2006  
    The Belgian Jazz Factory / first session downloads (Apple iTunes Store) QZ 121 January 1, 2006  
    Robert Jeanne Trio
    The Maastricht sessions
    downloads (Apple iTunes Store) QZ 113 December 10, 2005  
    Guy Cabay
    Café liégeois do Brasil
    downloads (Apple iTunes Store) QZ 111 September 15, 2005 Reissue
    Peter Hertmans Trio
    The Other Side
    cd QZ 110 February 23, 2004  
    Jean-Pierre Catoul & Peter Hertmans
    cd QZ 109 November 1999  
    Toots Thielemans
    The Live Takes, Vol. 1
    cd QZ 108 October 1999  
    Bruno Castellucci
    Lost and found
    cd QZ 107 March 1998  
    Charles Loos / Jean-Pierre Catoul
    Summer Winds
    cd QZ 106 August 1997  
    Castellucci Stringtet
    Towards The Light
    cd QZ 105 1996  
    Legnini / Rassinfosse / Castellucci
    cd QZ 103 1994  
    Bruno Castellucci
    Bim Bim
    cd QZ 101 1990  
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