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Lyrae Records
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Phone + 32 (0)495 32 53 16
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  • Record producer and music publisher
  • Modern Jazz, etc... Belgian artists.
  • Communication & Management : Annick Vandoorne

      "Ever since it started in 1994, LYRAE Records has undertaken, as a label, to promote the creativity of musicians, Belgian and international, in the fields of Jazz, Blues, New and World music."
    In 1999 LYRAE comes up with a new concept : live recordings are done in a recording studio in the presence of an audience. This innovation permits to bring out albums where a warm and intimate atmosphere gives the music an extra value.
    The label was created by Pascal NOEL who also founded J@ZZ@ROUND, a magazine devoted to jazz and modern music.

    After the departure of Pascal NOEL, MPM TRIOMUS took over.

  •  Catalogue

    Fabrice Alleman Quartet
    Sides Of Life
    cd LY 0414-C February 2004  
    Charles Loos Trio
    French Graces
    cd LY 0206-C November 2003  
    Phil Abraham
    Jazz Me Do
    cd LY 0313-C November 2003  
    Phil Abraham
    cd LY 0311-C November 2003  
    Marco Locurcio
    cd   September 2003  
    The Demagogue Reacts!
    cd (2 CD) LY 0309-C September 2003  
    Chris Joris & Daniel Schell
    Oratorio Ishango
    cd (2 CD) LY 0310-C August 2003  
    Renaud Patigny & Carl Sonny Leyland
    Boogie Brothers Live
    cd   September 2002  
    Pierre Lognay / feat. Mark Turner
    The New International Edition
    cd   April 2002  
    Heap Of Comfort
    cd LY 0102-C 2002  
    Fabrice Alleman / Paolo Loveri Duo And String Quartet
    On The Funny Side Of The Strings
    cd LY 0101-C May 2001  
    Marco Locurcio
    Giulia Is Asleep
    cd LY 20024-C November 2000  
    The Demagogue Reacts!
    Action Reaction
    cd LY 20022-C June 2000  
    Jazz Addiction Band
    Nice Cap
    cd LY 20021-C June 2000  
    Paolo Radoni Quartet Live
    Coast To Coast
    cd LY 99018-C November 1999  
    Phil Abraham Trio
    cd LY 99020-C November 1999  
    François Decamps Octet
    Hamp Digs Ham
    cd   April 1998  
    Emmanuelle Somer
    The Apple Tree
    cd LY 98016-C 1998  
    Charles Loos
    Lust For Jazz
    cd LY 9704009 June 1997  
    Phil Abraham Quartet
    En Public
    cd LY 9703007 March 1997  
    Ernst Vranckx / Stefan Bracaval
    cd LY 9609006 January 1997  
    Jean-Christophe Renault
    cd LY 9704008 1997  
    Fabrice Alleman / Paolo Loveri
    cd V15.1004.20 1996  
    Chris Joris
    On Children's Street
    cd   1996  
    Chris Joris
    cd LY 9506002 June 1995  
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