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Label Travers
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Jules Imberechts
Address Rue Alphonse Robert, 70
1315 Sart Risbart
Phone +32 (0)476 97 21 42
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Web site Dedicated website
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  • Record producer
  • Modern jazz, fusion. Belgian artists.
  • Named after the now defunct Brussels jazz club "Le Travers", the record label and Jules IMBERECHTS continue to produce Belgian bands.
  •  Catalogue

    Michel Mainil New Quartet
    If you missed the beginning... (Live at the Music Village)
    cd TRA023 December 2015  
    Pierre Lafontaine Quartet
    Burning Charlie
    cd TRA 017 December 2012  
    Michel Mainil Quartet
    Reflections in Blue
    cd TRA 020 October 2010  
    MDM Band
    Al Coda
    cd TRA 018 December 2009  
    Darwin Case
    Tree of might part I
    cd TRA 016 November 28, 2009  
    Bernard Guyot Charles Loos
    Summer Residence (live 2008)
    cd TRA 030 May 15, 2009  
    Giacomo Lariccia
    cd TRA 012 November 2008  
    Julie Dumilieu
    Let's fall in love
    cd TRA 011 June 15, 2007  
    Afro Yambi Jazz
    World Music Party
    cd TRA 010 October 2006  
    Mirages (Yves Gourmeur / Bo Waterschoot / Michel Morvan )
    cd TRA 009 June 2005  
    cd TRA 007 February 2005  
    Frédéric Delplancq Quartet
    Witches Dance
    cd TRA 006 June 2004  
    Tempo Latino
    cd TRA 005 March 2003  
    No Vibrato
    Here & Now
    cd TRA 004 November 1999  
    Ring Ouest
    cd TRA 003 December 1997  
    No Vibrato
    Cinq De Coeur
    cd TRA 002 August 1997  
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