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Jazz Club
Contact information
Address c/o Hans Kusters Music
Broekstraat 10
1730 Kobbegem
Catalog bought and exploited by Hans Kusters Music (see September label)
Phone +32 (0)2 374 00 69
Fax +32 (0)2 374 00 69
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  • Record producer and music publisher, who has now stopped its activities. The label used to belong to BIZET Productions.
  • Modern and classic jazz. Various Belgian jazz artists and guests
  • Note that BIZET had taken over the catalog of their relative, the late producer Félix FAECQ, who had released in the past and on various labels some of the most interesting historical jazz albums in Belgium, with artists like David BEE, Peter PACKAY, Stan BRENDERS, John OUWERKX, SADI, Herman SANDY, etc...
    In the eighties, Véronique BIZET launched for BIZET Productions the JAZZ CLUB label, with modern jazz artists.
    JAZZ CLUB stopped its activities a few years ago.

    Hans KUSTERS Music (who a.o. owns the jazz label September) has recently bought the whole catalog for future use and has already reissued the JAZZ CLUB albums recorded in the eighties.

    See September Records for the reissues and more information.

  •  Catalogue

    More Vibes
    lp JC 6008 1977  
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