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Fuga Libera
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Its repertoire stretches from late baroque to contemporary music, and it is supported by eminent actors of the European musical life. The Fuga Libera Catalogue also presents a growing collection of publications mixing classical music with other music genres such as jazz or world music. They are recorded with the same demanding criteria as classical music and enjoy much acclaim since the very inception.

Bram De Looze
Piano e Forte
cd FUG 740 March 2017  
Kris Defoort
The woman who walked into doors
cd (2 CD) FUG 709 October 2010  
Braining Storm
cd FUG 607 September 18, 2010  
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse / Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Second Move
cd FUG605 October 6, 2007  
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse / Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Regency's Nights
cd FUG602 February 16, 2006  
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