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CiCliC Records
Contact information
Address Belgradostraat 57
9000 Ghent
Phone +32 (0)494 50 71 81
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CiCliC Records is a non profit project of the MahaWorks Organisation, a collective of musicians who want to produce their own concerts and albums.

  • record and concert producer.
  • avant-guarde music.
  • Belgian artists :
      Eli Van de Vondel
      Giovanni Barcella
      Erik Rottiers
      Lazara Rosell Albear
      Bart Maris
      Dajo De Cauter
      Lode Vercampt
      Dick Van der Harst
      Dimitri Simoen
      Ronald Lecourt
      Christof Roseeuw
      Simon Jermyn
      Tom Wouters
  • Recording: Malicorne Studio, Assenede, Belgium '2th floor to the right' studios, Bornem, Belgium.
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