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Chopstick records
Contact information
Address Achilles Musschestraat 123a
9000 Ghent
Phone +32 (0)486 525 320
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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Based in Ghent, Belgium ‘Chopstick records’ started off in 2005 with a cd project that resulted in a coproduction with W.E.R.F. records. It was the second official release by the the jazz quintet Moker (Konglong- W.E.R.F. 0049). This record was well apreciated in Belgium and abroad and meant a small breaktrough for this band.

Two years later Chopstick records presents it’s first independent and selfproduced project, ‘Chopsticks’. Chopsticks is a compilation which contains work of the bands Moker, Brick quartet, Barkin’ and Prak and represents ten musicians, most of them living and working in Ghent.

Besides cd productions Chopstick records is promoting, managing and booking all upper mentioned bands and projects as well and it has the ambition on the long term to offer a platform to musicians and initiatives who engage themselves for jazz and improvised music in a broader sense.

Participating musicians:
Bart Maris, Ben Sluijs, Zeger Vandenbussche, Tom Callens, Joachim Badenhorst, Steven Segers, Mathias Van de Wiele, Lode Vercampt, Dajo De Cauter, Kristof Rosseeuw, Giovanni Barcella, Dimitri Simoen
Film and visuals – Dagmar Duportail Artwork – Evert Defrancq


Punkt / Van De Wiele
Dusty ones and mountain curves
EP   May 30, 2018  
ep   November 27, 2017  
Brick Quartet
Brick Quartet
cd Chopstick records 002 November 24, 2009  
Moker / Barkin' / Prak / Brick quartet
cd Chopstick records 001 2007  
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