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Carbon 7
Contact information
Phone +32 (0)2 242 97 03
Fax +32 (0)2 245 38 85
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  • Record producer and music publisher.
  • Label launched in 1992. Modern to avant-guard jazz, experimental, progressive rock, world music. Here is how they introduce themselves :
      It's run by musicians, for musicians. We aim to produce quality music which is alive, accessible and exciting, in a wide range of styles, and at the frontiers of different musical categories. The bands and artists we produce are totally in keeping with what's always typified Belgian music and although their musical styles are different, they all share this unique Belgian musical specificity and particularity. Carbon 7 Records is backed up by Carbon 7 Music Publishing, Carbon 7 Distribution (Belgium) and by our management agency, Argonote, which organises concerts and tours for the artists we produce.
  • Complete catalog on their web site
  • The records are available a.o. via their web site.
  • You can also find the complete CARBON 7 catalogue in Brussels at the United Musik record shop, place Fontainas, 1000 Brussels (city center), phone : +32 (0)2 503 22 03. Everyday open from 11 am to 6.30 pm
  •  Catalogue

    Mathilde Renault
    Aliana Luda
    cd C7-078 April 20, 2007  
    Charles Loos / Fred Wilbo
    So Happy, The Curve
    cd (2 CD) C7-067/068 May 28, 2004  
    Aka Moon
    Invisible moon
    cd C7-061 December 2001  
    Save The Chilis
    cd C7 062 December 2001  
    Pirly Zurstrassen / Jean-Pierre Catoul
    cd C7-053 May 2001  
    Aka Moon
    In real time
    cd C7-052 April 2001  
    Los Locos
    cd C7 046 July 2000  
    Aka Moon
    Invisible sun
    cd C7-047 May 2000  
    Aka Moon With Ictus
    Invisible mother
    cd C7-038 July 1999  
    Aka Moon
    Live at the Kaai
    cd C7-039 July 1999  
    Greetings From Mercury
    cd C7 036 June 1999  
    Garrett List
    The Voyage
    cd C7-033 November 1998  
    Greetings From Mercury
    Greetings From Mercury
    cd C7-029 June 1998  
    Garrett List
    The unbereable light
    cd & vinyl C7-031 1998  
    Aka Moon
    cd C7-027 December 1997  
    Aka Moon
    cd C7-026 1997  
    Aka Moon
    Live at Vooruit
    cd C7-028 1997  
    Erwin Vann
    cd C7 018 1996  
    Aka Moon
    Akasha - vol. 1
    cd C7-014 1995  
    Aka Moon
    Akasha - vol. 2
    cd C7-020 1995  
    La Grande Formation
    cd CARBON7-010 1994  
    Aka Moon
    cd C7-011 1994  
    Pirly Zurstrassen / Daniel Stokart
    cd C7-004 1993  
    Aka Moon
    Aka Moon
    cd C7-001 1992  
    The Carbon 7 Compilations Volume 1 : Avant-Jazz cd C7-002S    
    The Carbon 7 Compilations Volume 2 : Aka Moon cd C7-003S    
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