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B. Sharp
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  • Record producer and music publisher.
  • Modern jazz
  • Not in activity anymore. They reissued on CD some of their own LP productions as well as some Jazz Cats LP productions (released by René Gailly) and produced a series of CDs (see a selection below).
    After chief producer Pierre PLETINCKX passed away, the label seems to have stopped its activities, and the records are now impossible to find in distributions channels (except in Japan...).

    UPDATE (Oct. 2019) : Hans Kusters Music has overtaken ownership of the label on his September Records label. The labels are now available for download and streaming on various platforms : Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.

  •  Catalogue

    Stéphane Martini
    cd CDS 106 1996  
    Richard Rousselet
    No, Maybe...!
    cd CDS 102 1995 Reissue
    Myriam Alter
    cd CDS 098 1994  
    Dirk Schreurs & Walter Baeken
    Beyond Ballads
    cd CDS 100 1994  
    Steve Houben & Michel Herr
    Meet Curtis Lundy & Kenny Washington
    cd CDS 094 1993 Reissue
    cd CDS 093 1993  
    Paolo Radoni trio
    A day or two
    cd CDS 095 1993  
    Etienne Verschueren Quartet
    Early Spring
    cd CDS 088 1992 Reissue
    Gino Lattuca Quartet
    My Impression
    cd CDS 085 1992  
    Robert Jeanne
    cd CDS 084 1992  
    Diederik Wissels
    cd CDS 083 1992  
    Frank Vaganée - 5
    Picture a View
    cd B.SHARP 80 1991  
    cd CDS 079 1990  
    Willy Vande Walle Quartet
    cd CDS 074 1990  
    Bob Porter
    Meeting you
    lp 1002 1978  
    Michel Herr
    Perspective / Solis Lacus
    cd CDS 082 1975 Reissue
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