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Acoustic Music Records
Contact information
Address Arndtstraße 20
49080 Osnabrück
Web site Dedicated website
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  • German label which specializes in acoustic guitar players of all styles.
  • Complete catalog on their web site
  • The records are available via their web site.

    Here are a few releases involving Belgian musicians.

  •  Catalogue

    Jacques Stotzem
    Lonely Road
    cd Best.-Nr..319.1477.2 November 2011  
    Dito Cujo
    cd Best.-Nr.319.1460.2 October 2011  
    Jacques Stotzem
    Catch the Spirit
    cd 319.1406.2 January 2009  
    Jacques Stotzem
    Simple Pleasure
    cd 319.1381.2 May 1, 2007  
    Jacques Stotzem / André Klenes
    Colours of Turner
    cd 319.1362.2 April 2006  
    Jacques Stotzem
    in Taiwan
    dvd DVD 4007 2005  
    Jacques Stotzem
    In Concert
    cd   February 2004  
    Jacques Stotzem
    Sur Vesdre
    cd 319.1260.242 2002  
    Jacques Stotzem
    cd 319.1194.242 November 1999  
    Jacques Stotzem / Thierry Crommen
    Different Ways
    cd 319.1104.242 February 1997  
    Jacques Stotzem
    cd 319.1129.2 1997  
    Véronique Gillet/Fernando Freitez/Carlos Franco
    Tres Elementos
    cd 319.1089.2 1996  
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