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Yvonne Walter
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Instrument(s) Vocals
Date of birth October 4, 1946
Place of birth Eindhoven
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Phone +32 (0)3 290 71 08
Phone +32 (0)476 31 02 55
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 Current bands

Yvonne Walter quartet 'Bitter Sweet' (Leader)      Yvonne Walter quintet (Leader)

Yvonne Walter sings lyrical jazz and ballads.
She started studying piano at the age of seven and in her teens, she performed as a singer in high school bands. At that time she started to compose songs.

After singing jazz standards for more than two decades as Yvonne DE KOK, accompanied by among others, the Mary HEHUAT TRIO, she changed her artist name into Yvonne WALTER and decided to record her own compositions. On stage she merges jazz standards with her own songs and with the work of contemporary composers like Ivan LINS, Johnny MANDEL, Blossom DEARIE, Jack VAN POLL, Hein VAN DE GEYN and Bert JORIS.

Yvonne WALTER likes to work with different accompanists to keep the real jazz spirit high. Although she will not avoid arrangements, which are necessary for a larger band, Yvonne prefers the challenge of a fresh rendition in duo, trio or quartet in which her only demands are tempo, rhythm and key.

In a broad range of repertoire Yvonne WALTER always seeks for the right atmosphere to touch the soul of the song with deep respect for the composer and the lyricist. With this ability she reaches for true synergy with musicians and audience, where words set to music find love.

She now lives in Belgium. She worked a.o. with the following musicians :

Willem KÜHNE (p), Rob VAN DEN BROECK (p), Michel HERR (p), Jef NEVE (p), Christoph ERBSTÖSSER (p), Wout HENDRIKS (p), Kurt VAN HERCK (ts), Frits BAYENS (arr), Gerard KLEIJN (tp), Peter MINGAARS (gt), Frank PEETERS (gt) Mary HEHUAT (b), Hein VAN DE GEYN (b/arr), Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE (b), Henk TELAAT (b), Bas COOYMANS (b), Marc GRATAMA (dr), Hans VAN OOSTERHOUT (dr), Félix SIMTAINE (dr) etc...

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Yvonne Walter & Mellow Moods      Yvonne Walter & Trio Crack
Yvonne Walter & Take it easy      Yvonne Walter / Jef Neve Duo

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