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Yannick Schyns
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Instrument(s) Piano, Keyboards, Composer, Arranger
Date of birth January 19, 1977
Place of birth Verviers
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Phone +32 (0)485 74 37 58
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Gorgona - Yannick Schyns Quintet (Leader)     

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Yannick Schyns is a Belgian jazz pianist. Based in Brussels, he plays in different musical projects, in parallel with his activities as a composer. He performs regularly throughout Belgium and abroad (France, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, …). Jazz, soul, salsa, French songs, music theater and cinema.

Since 2009, he leads GORGONA his jazz quintet to play his instrumental compositions and give free rein to his inspiration.

Born in the late 70s, early music enthusiast, Yannick Schyns first studied all the classical music, as guitar player. It was only at the advanced age of 25 he embarked on his lifelong dream, and took his first piano lessons. Working hard under the protective eye of Piet Kuijken and George Van Dam, a year later he entered the conservatory in Brussels jazz class Nathalie Loriers. Among the renowned pedagogues crossed on the path, he will remember Phil Abraham, Fabrice Alleman, Laurent Blondiau Fabrizio Cassol Kris Defoort, Arnould Massart, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Marie-Sophie Talbot, Pirly Zurstrassen. He finished his academic curcus at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels with great distinction in Eric Legnini's piano class.

Yannick Schyns likes to define himself as a musician rather than a jazz musician. Besides his jazz quintet Gorgona, he is actively involved as a pianist, composer or arranger on many projects, playing jazz or other musics. A rate of over 70 concerts a year, he played in all of Belgium and outside (France, Luxembourg). Jazz mainly, but also soul, salsa, French song, music theater and cinema.

Current Projets (2014): Gorgona – Yannick Schyns Quintet (Leader), Marly et Johnny (Leader), Venusberg, Amour et Mutineries, Magy Defoy band, Clément Bogaerts, Pouet en Stock.

Projets from the past : The Belgian Queen Quartet (Leader), Senza Fine, Para K Sepas (Salsa), Fever for soul, Soul Factory, Matos Feros, Groove Machine, Qoot, Thot Trio (Leader), etc.

For ten years, Yannick Schyns works as composer. He began by writing for his own jazz projects, and then gradually accepts commands of compositions and arrangements. So far he has written more than 80 jazz pieces, pieces for string quartet, songs, played live by his various projects. He made arrangements of “French song” from the first album of Julie Chemin, is still working on the repertoire of cabaret Venus berg. He set to music some twenty texts for a children's choir, written music for theater, or composed music for the film "First Steps" (Gregory Lecocq - Cookies Films), for which he received in 2013 'award for Best Film Music at the 10th international film festival Naoussan (Greece, 250 films in competition, 50 films shown).

Yannick Schyns is a jazz piano teacher at the « académie des Arts de la ville de Bruxelles ». He is also the manager for a young association for promotion of musical creation connecting with others kind of art: « Ars Nova ».

Over the years, he has played with renowned musicians : Natacha Wuyts, Stéphane Mercier, Gilles Respond, Giusepe Milaci, Bilou Doneux, Benoît Vanderstraeten, Alexandre Furnelle, Alex Scorier, Franck Guetatra, Paul Prignot, Gaetano Vullo, Dorothée Pietquin, Sophie Pirard, Cedric Feye, Daniel Leblanc, Noha Howard, Jean-Pol Lossignol, Bernard Guyot, Gwenaël Francotte, Romeo Ianuci, Verginia Popova, Stéphane Wertz, Jo Gola, Paolo Loveri, Marti Melia, Jérôme Colleyn, Manu Bonetti, Fabian Bonetti, Pascal Hauben, Justine Vershuere-Buch, Franck Beele, Nane Vanderperren, François Legrain, Baï Kamara Jr, Bernard Guyot, Pierre Mottet, Bruno Baudewyns, Toine Cnockaerts, Vincent Leblond, Sarah Goldfarb, Ludovic Montet, , Geneviève Voisin, Magy Defoy, Nick Hayes …

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