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Wim Ramon
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Instrument(s) Double bass
 Current bands

Q-Some Big Band (Sideman)     

Wim Ramon has finished his Master Degree of Jazz in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and has worked in a wide range of styles with a considerable number of artists.

Music has led Wim through a major part of Europe playing in clubs and festivals, including Marktrock Leuven, Dranouter folk festival, Crossing Border festival in The Hague, Brussels Jazz Marathon, Montreux Festival, The Cobblestones in Dublin, Lillihammer folkfestival in Norway, Phoenix festival in Tullamore (IRL), The New Morning (Paris), Ancienne Belgique (Brussels). Wim has recorded radio and TV shows with Tom Robinson, Neeka, Vaya Con Dios, Het Groot Onderhoud folk project, Morabezza, Daithi Rua.

Currently Wim plays with the Andy Declerck- Kari Antila group, Irish songwriter Daithi Rua, the Sara Prové Trio, and as freelance bassist with different artists/ projects.

Wim has won the Gent Jazz Talent competition as member of ‘The News Wing’ and was comping for trombone player Frederik Heirman in the Jazz soloist competition Erasmus 2004 in Rotterdam, resulting in a 2nd place.

Wim is teaching electric and upright bass and combo playing in the music academies of Knokke and Gent, and he is a pedagogic co-ordinator for Gent’s jazz department.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Schickentanz New Quintet     

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