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Wajdi Riahi
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Instrument(s) Piano
Date of birth September 20, 1995
Place of birth Tunisia
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 Current bands

Wajdi Riahi Trio (Leader)      Baz Trio (Sideman)
Basile Rahola Quartet (Sideman)      Aleph quintet (Sideman)

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Born on the 20th of Septembre 1995, jazz pianist and member of the Tunis Jazz Club. Wajdi Riahi graduates in Arabic music in 2011.
In 2015 he plays in the Hard Bop Project and makes his first jazz concert with the others members of the Tunis Jazz Club. In 2016 he takes part in the Jazz Itinerary, a serie of concerts organized by the association of the Tunis Jazz Club and a course at the AKDT in Libramont (Belgium) with jazz piano, improvised music and composition classes.
In 2017, Wajdi plays in Darimba, the projet of the Tunisian bass player Wassim Ben Rhouma. Then, he creates his own project North Africa with which he wins three prices : Tanit bronze, the best composition price and the « Ahmed Litaiem » price for the best soloist.
Wajdi also took part in the Master Class of the American pianist Barry Harris in Italy.

Currently, he is studying at the Royal Conservatory of Buxelles with the pianist Éric Legnini.
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