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Véronique Hocq
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Véronique Hocq / Mathieu De Wit Duo (Leader)     

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My musical journey began when I was a teenager by teaching myself to play the piano and the synthesizer.
After singing in choirs for about a decade and in various musical genres (from classical to Norvegian music and Gospel), I was first exposed to jazz in the year 2000 at the International Summer Academy at Libramont ("Académie internationale d’été").

This was a real shock... I both discovered this extraordinary music and my voice while singing solo.

I then took lessons with Audrey Englebert during one year, but especially I sang with other musicians in jazz ensembles at various music schools in Brussels: Evere Jazz Academy with Fabien Degryse, "Ecole du mercredi" at the Athanor Studio with Paolo Radoni, Victor da Costa, Alexandre Furnelle and others.

I regularly take part in summer workshops, like the "Académie internationale d’été" at Libramont, "Jazz au Vert" (Lundis d'Hortense) at Wépion and "Crest Jazz Vocal" (France).

I have had the opportunity to take lessons with a.o. Janice Lakers, Barbara Wiernik, Bart Defoort, Fay Claassen, Natascha Roth, Marie-Sophie Talbot, Peter Hertmans, Ron Van Rossum, Anca Parghel, Michele Hendricks.

This musical education has been completed by my participation at many "Singers Night" sessions at the Sounds Jazz Club and the Music Village with Sabin Todorov and his trio. Also duos with paiianist Matthieu de Wit.

I like simplicity, nice melodies, improvisation... and most of all, Music !.

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