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Véronique Gillet
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Composer, Cello
Date of birth 1957
Place of birth Liege
Current residence Stoumont
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Phone +32 (0)80 78 58 20
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Véronique Gillet & Terra Incognita (Leader)     

Texte également disponible en français 
Véronique Gillet’s musical way led her from popular songs of her Italian and Spanish immigrant neighbors to Alberto Ponce (Spain), Egberto Gismonti (Brazil), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Fernando Freitez (Venezuela), Charles Ewanjé (Cameroun), Giovanna Marini (Italy), Sandor Szabo (Hungary), Peter Finger (Germany) and many others. So many attentive gardeners who sowed their soul in a so quite fertile ground.

These abundant contributions could "have formatted" the composer like a school and induce her to creations "after the manner of".

Fortunately, her imaginary has been able to abstract the essential spirit: the cultures which inspire her seem thus rather to link their richnesses and to weave her personal creation. (Robert Mercier guitare-diffusion)

Musical background :

Classical guitar since the age of 7
Musical studies at Liège conservatory (Belgium)
Cello studies in Maastricht (Holland)
Concertist guitar studies with Alberto Ponce in Paris
Guitar teacher in Aywaille music school (Liège) (since 1979)
Master classes with Leo Brouwer and Egberto Gismonti at international encounters in Martinica (1982) Wins 1rst price of composition delivered by the Sacem (with Fernando Freitez)(1982)
Trips to Brazil working with Gismonti
Autodidact composer (since 1980)

Concerts and tours:

2005-2006: “RAGA Y DANZA” Solo guitar ( 6 & 7 strings) Duo with Sandor Szabo (Hungary) Touring in Belgium and Hungary (international guitar festival)

Since 2001: Quartet Saeta (guitar, cello, flûte or voice, clarinet or percussion) playing V.Gillet compositions and spanish music arranged by V. Gillet touring in Belgium and Luxemburg (Shubertiade)

1996: Two voices – two guitars (proper music and spanish music)

Since 1993: Trio Terracota (Belgium-Venezuela: 2 guitars and percussion with Fernando Freitez and Carlos Franco) touring in Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Venezuela, Tchec republic, Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Canada,..

Between 1980 and 1993: solo guitar recitals over Europe Venezuelan tours with Fernando Freitez( 2 guitars – own compositions) Concerts with Gismonti Several trios and quartet touring in Belgium playing V. Gillet compositions African tour (Cameroun) with Charles Ewanjé


-as guitarist and composer:

  • 2005 : Raga y Danza – guitar solo (WR 9029)
  • 2002 : Véronique Gillet & quatuor Saeta (LFDJ 02)
  • 1999 : Savia (trio Terracota) Germany
  • 1996 : Tres Elementos (trio Terracota) « « « «
  • 1994 : Terracota (with F. Freitez, C. Franco) « « « «
  • 1991 : Areia (withc Line Adam, A.Lovenberg, E. Capelle)
  • 1986 : Venenoso (with A. Lovenberg)
  • 1983 : Diabolo (with C. Joris, J. Bedeur, M. Michels)
-taking part of various other recordings as guitarist or cellist (with Jean-Christophe Renault pianist composer)
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