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Véronique Bizet
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Instrument(s) Piano, Composer, Improviser
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Address Ingendaellaan 30
1652 Alsemberg
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 Current bands

Duo Véronique Bizet / André Klenes (Leader)      Véronique Bizet (solo) (Leader)
Duo Véronique Bizet / Jacques Pirotton (Leader)     

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Véronique Bizet started playing the piano and classical music at the age of seven. She played Bach at the Gunther Competition at the age of 13.

After five years of studies at the Brussels Institute of Translators and Interpreters, she developed a long experience in the fields of jazz, improvisation and composition. She explored free improvisation and all the colours of the grand piano, like a searcher in a laboratory of sounds, in a very creative approach. Her music includes personal compositions as well as jazz standards or compositions by contemporary jazz musicians.

During ten years, she was a producer for the « Jazz Club » label. She produced jazz musicians who became internationally famous, such as : Joe LOVANO, Eric LEGNINI, Kris DEFOORT, Michel HERR, Bert JORIS, Michel HATZI, Stéphane GALLAND, Erwin VANN, Dré PALLEMAERTS, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE…

As a musician, Véronique studied with Barre PHILLIPS (US), Boyan VODENITCHAROV (Bulgaria), John TAYLOR (GB), Garrett LIST (US), Fabrizio CASSOL (B), Nathalie LORIERS (B), Billy HART (US), Kenny WHEELER (CA), Dhruba GHOSH (Indian music), Arnould MASSART (B), Steve COLEMAN (US), Pierre VAN DORMAEL (B)…

She studied at the Conservatories of Namur and Liège, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, at the Banff Center for the Arts (Canada), and she participated in numerous jazz seminars in Belgium and abroad.

She has played with well-known musicians such as Barre PHILLIPS, a « master » in free improvisation, Chris JORIS, Eric THIELEMANS, Bert VAN DEN BRINK (known for his collaboration with Philip CATHERINE and Toots THIELEMANS), Cécile BROCHE, ERWIN VANN, Philippe REUL, Nicolas THYS, André KLENES, Pierre BERNARD, Lieven VENKEN, Nicola LANCEROTTI…

During four years, she was a member of the board of directors of the « Lundis d’Hortense », the association of Belgian jazz musicians.

Her passion for philosophy, psychology and spirituality, a master in sophrology, the practice of yoga, non-violent communication, mindfullness and meditation have a permanent influence on her music.


Duos with
the double-bass player Nicola LANCEROTTI (2015)
the double-bass player André KLENES
the pianist Bert VAN DEN BRINK 1 (NL)
the singers : Solange LABBE, Détélina GIORGIEVA (Bulgaria)
the flutist Pierre BERNARD 3 « Bed and Breakfast » (recording in 2005)
the drummer Eric THIELEMANS 2)
the Israeli danser Loulou OMER – Travers Festival )

in Solo
Numerous solo concerts, for instance at the Solo Piano Festival of Prague, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, at the Charlier Museum, at the Piano Nights of Brussels, private concerts etc…)
Lecture-concerts on musical improvisation

Trios with
Arne VAN DONGEN (double-bass) et Eric THIELEMANS (drums) in « mosaïc » Erwin VANN (saxes), Philippe REUL (el bass) (her very first trio)

Quartet with
Barre PHILLIPS (double bass), Michel MAINIL (sax), Antoine CIRRI (drums).
Concerts given at the Audi Jazz Festival and at the Festival Jazz à Liège, tour in Belgium.

« Confidential Illusions » with Pierre BERNARD (flute), Stef VAN ES(Nl)(el guitar), Eric SURMENIAN(Fr)(double-bass), Lieven VENKEN (drums), Festival Van Vlaanderen, ULB.
(numerous recordings)

Dance and musical improvisation performances under direction of Barre PHILLIPS (Brussels) and Julyan HAMILTON (Grenoble)


  • 1 « Quiet Hearts » Mogno J022
  • 2 « Moon at Sunrise » Mogno J003
  • 3 Improvisation CD with Pierre BERNARD : flute-piano duo

    For recent concerts, click on "Concerts schedule" on top of this page.
    For concerts before 2003, see below

    ULB Salle Delvaux Bruxelles 20/12/2002 20h Confidential Illusions Trio

    Théatre le Café Bruxelles 06/10/2002 20h30 Véronique Bizet – Pierre Bernard Duo

    Arts-O-Bases Bruxelles 31/05/2002 21h30 Véronique Bizet – Pierre Bernard Duo

    Galerie de Grand Cœur Bruxelles 12/05/2002 20h Véronique Bizet – Pierre Bernard Duo

    Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Midis Jazz, 10/12/2001 Véronique Bizet Solo

    Auditorium Pianos Maene Bruxelles 22/06/2001 20h Véronique Bizet – Solange Labbé Duo

    Ateliers de la Dolce Vita Bruxelles 15/06/2001 20h Véronique Bizet – Pierre Bernard Duo

    Le Travers Bruxelles 26/01/2000 21h Groundwork : Daniel Stokart - Eric Actual Improvised Music Thielemans – Pierre Bernard – Cécile Broché – Arne Van Dongen – Véronique Bizet – Eric Vermeulen

    Le Travers Bruxelles 03/12/1999 21h Véronique Bizet – Eric Thielemans Duo

    Le Travers Bruxelles 10/12/1998 20h30 Véronique Bizet – Eric Thielemans - Arne Van Dongen Trio (mosaïc)

    Chez Pletsier Binche 10/01/1999 17h Quart’Touches (double Quartette) Jazz à Binche V. Bizet 4et + Métarythmes de l’Air

    Le Travers Bruxelles 09/01/1999 20h30 Quart’Touches (double Quartette)

    Palais des Congrès Jazz à Liège, Liège, 24/04/1999 19h Tournée Barre Phillips

    Le Travers Bruxelles 16/04/1999 21h Tournée Barre Phillips

    CC de Courcelles 23/04/1999 21h Tournée Barre Phillips

    Le Travers Bruxelles 27/03/1998 21h Véronique Bizet – Michel Mainil Quartette

    Au Lion S’envoile Liège 11/03/1998 20h30 Véronique Bizet – Michel Mainil Quartette

    CC de La Louvière La Louvière 20/05/1998 20h Véronique Bizet – Michel Mainil Quartette

    CC de Houdeng-Goegnies 15/05/1998 20h Véronique Bizet – Michel Mainil Quartette

    Paris : Péniche Seine, février 98 Véronique Bizet – Michel Mainil Quartette

    Kaai Bruxelles 17 & 24/11/1997 22h Véronique Bizet Quartette avec Hille Bemelmans (voix) – Cécile Broché (violon)- Philippe Reul(b)

    Maison Culturelle de Quaregnon, 22/11/1997 20h Michel Mainil – Véronique Bizet Quartette

    CC René Magritte, Lessines 21/11/1997 20h Véronique Bizet – Michel Mainil Quartette

    Sounds Bruxelles 03/11/1997 22h Véronique Bizet Quartette : Hille Bemelmans – Cécile Broché Philippe Reul

    Le Travers Bruxelles 07/05/1997 20h30 Véronique Bizet Quartette Michel Mainil – Marc De Martelaer – Chris Joris

    Creatorio Grenoble 14/04/1997 24 improvisateurs sous la direction Spectacle de Barre Phillips et Julyen Hamilton Danse et Musique Improvisée

    Le Travers Bruxelles 12/01/1997 22h Véronique Bizet Quartette avec Hille Bemelmans – Cécile Broché - Philippe Reul

    Sounds Bruxelles 03/01/1997 22h Véronique Bizet Quartette avec Hille Bemelmans – Cécile Broché - Philippe Reul

    L’L Bruxelles 13-14/09/1996 21h, 15 musiciens et 10 danseurs Spectacle d’improvisation dirigé par Barre Phillips

    Le Travers Bruxelles 12/01/1996 22h Véronique Bizet Quartette Hille Bemelmans – Cécile Broché - Philippe Reul

    Festival Piano Solo Bruxelles 20/10/1995 23h Véronique Bizet Solo Le Travers

    Le Paradoxe Bruxelles 25/02/1995 20h Véronique Bizet Trio – Erwin Vann – Philippe Reul

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Bed and Breakfast (Véronique Bizet / Pierre Bernard)      Véronique Bizet - Barre Phillips Quartet
    Duo de pianos Véronique Bizet/Bert van den Brink      Véronique Bizet / Nicola Lancerotti Duo
    Confidential Illusions      Véronique Bizet / Aldo Baerten
    Plus près du rêve (Véronique Bizet / Solange Labbé)     

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