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Toon Van Dionant
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth 1976
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 Current bands

Tuesday Night Orchestra (Sideman)      The Jazz Station Big Band (Sideman)
The Hop SH Bam Connection (Sideman)      Robin Verheyen Trio (Sideman)
Piotr Paluch Trio (Sideman)      Old Fashioned Trio (Sideman)
New Special Quintet (Sideman)      Marjan Van Rompay Group (Sideman)
Maayan Smith Quartet (Sideman)      Fred Delplancq Quartet (Sideman)
Dubicki / Tripodi Quintet (Sideman)      Andy Declerck kwartet (Sideman)
Andy Declerck & Kari Antila Group (Sideman)      Alex Beaurain Quintet (Sideman)

Texte disponible en franšais 

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
The Sidewinders      Stéphane Mercier Quartet (former)
Schickentanz New Quintet      Richard Rousselet - Marie Anne Standaert new quintet
New Groove Sextet      Fred Delplancq Quartet 'Second Time'
Can Angels Swing?      4in1

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