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Toni Vitacolonna
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth 1987
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 Current bands

DelVitaGroup (Leader)      DelVitaGroup XL (Leader)
Brussels Jazz Orchestra (Sideman)      Bart Defoort Quintet (Sideman)
Rebirth::collective (Sideman)      Nardozza / Schepers Delirium Quintet (Sideman)
Ewout Pierreux group (Sideman)     

From his childhood, Toni Vitacolonna (°1987) started in music. After finishing the classical courses for piano, drums, and trumpet at the Academy for Music in Roeselare, at the age of 16, he determinately chose the drums.
He finalized the Antwerp Art School where he took pop-jazz and was tutored by Yves Peeters, Koen Lieckens, Ewout Pierreux and Bart Defoort.
He enrolled in various workshops and master classes in Belgium and The Netherlands where he was educated by Bruno Castellucci, Jan de Haas, Hein Van de Geyn, Xavier Rogé, John Abercrombie, Heracio “el negro” Hernandez, Dave Liebman, Lieven Venken, Adam Nussbaum, Tommy Smith, Nic Thys, Richard Rousselet and Billy Hart.
At present he studies at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven where he was instructed by Dré Pallemaerts, Bart Van Caenegem and Pierre Van Dormael.

Presently, Toni takes part in a few permanent projects. One of them is his own band that he conducts in cooperation with Peter Delannoye. DelVitaGroup : Peter Delannoye (trb), Steven Delannoye (sax), Bart Van Caenegem (piano), Janos Bruneel (bass). The New Jazz Collective: Jean-Paul Estievenaert (trp), Steven Delannoye (spr,tenor sax), Jasper Van Damme (alt,spr sax), Peter Delannoye (trb), Bart Van Caenegem (piano), Jos Machtel (bass), the Kristen Cornwell Quintet : Kirsten Cornwell (voc), Frederik Leroux (guit), Pascal Schumacher (vib), Christophe Devisscher (bass). P-T Connexion: Bert Cools (guit), Peter Delannoye (trb), Janos Bruneel (bass).
Acoustic Illusion: Marjan Van Rompay (sax), Wout Gooris (piano), Dries Laheye (el.b.).

As a freelance musician he got the chance to play with Bart Defoort, Andy Declerck, Christian Mendoza, Frank Vaganée, Jos Machtel, Sara Meyer, Marc Godfroid, Frederik Leroux, Ben Sluijs, Nicolas Thys, Ewout Pierreux, Yannick Peeters, Vincent Brijs, Bart Van Caenegem, Gerard Precenser, Steven Delannoye, Michel Paré, Toine Thys, Janos Bruneel, ...

He recently played with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Tutu Puoane etc...

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