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Tom Van Dyck
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Instrument(s) Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Baritone saxophone, Flute, Electronics, Composer, Arranger
Date of birth March 25, 1967
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Phone +32 (0)3 237 14 78
Phone +32 (0)475 95 07 08
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 Current bands

Mimi Verderame / Tom Van Dyck Duo (Leader)      Tom Van Dyck & t-unit4 (Leader)
Saxkartel (Leader)      t-unit 7 (Leader)
Pierre Anckaert / Tom Van Dyck 4-tet (Leader)      t-unit5 - Streaming Tristano (Leader)
Village Big Band (Sideman)      Saxkartel + Tutu Puoane (Sideman)
The Belgium Jazz Big Band (Sideman)      Saxkartel v.2 (Sideman)

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Experience as a player:

  • In 1993 He worked for three months Indonesia with a Dutch soul and funk band under leadership of David Rockefeller.
  • During the season '93-'94 he lead a hardbopquintet with Jan Muës, Ernst Vranckx, Eric Thielemans and Bas Kooimans in jazz club "The Sounds" in Brussels.
  • In 1994 he goes on tour with the Rotterdam Conservatory big band conducted by Bob Brookmeyer en Ab Schaap. The play concerts at the I.A.J.E. conference in Boston and in "The Village Vanguard", New York. In 1995 he plays with the same big band at the international "Jakfest" in Jakarta.
  • In 1996 he wins the second prize in the finale for the "Erasmus Jazz Prize" in Rotterdam. Since then he leads his on group "Pentachrome" (at the moment with Eric Thielemans, Laurent Blondiau, Guus Bakker en Andreas Suntrop) for which he composes all their music.
  • In July '97 he wins with the band "Geel!" (For which he composed half of their repertoire) the second prize at the GETXO-festival (Bilbao) and in March '98 he wins with the same band the first prize at the "Dutch Jazz Contest". In July '98 this band plays at the "NorthSea Jazz festival".
  • In '99 he wins the first prize with the 'Tim Vets quartet' (conducted by Tim Vets, with Kurt Van Herck & Oene van Geel) at the Jazz contest of Helmond (Holland).
  • Tom Plays the baritone saxophone in Michel Bisceglia's "Animo & cinema", with amongst others Ben Sluys (as), Frank De Ruyter (ts), Laurent Blondiau (tpt), Jan Nihoul (vibes), Kurt Budé (bscl).
  • Saxophone player in Augustin Foly's "Da Funkamental Bass Project" with Patrick D'orcean (dms), Manu Codjia (git), Viveka Turrentine (voc).
  • He is the instigator of the quartet 'Odds On' with Kris Duerinckx (ds), Mark Haanstra (bs) an Andreas Suntrop (git). They released their first album 'About Time' (DiffRec 001) in 2002.
  • He now leads the new "Tom Van Dyck Quartet"

    Experience as a teacher:

  • Since 1995 he teaches saxophone, improvisation, ensemble, music analysis en solfège at the Jazz-studio in Antwerp.
  • He teaches privately children and grownups with an interest in jazz and improvisation.·
  • Since 1999 saxophone teacher at the music academy 'Jozef Van Poppel' in Deurne.

    Personal Education:

  • 1989: A summer workshop in Dworp (Belgium) with John Ruocco
  • 1990: Takes lessons at the Jazz-studio of Kurt Van Herck, Ben Sluys en Jeroen Van Herzeele.
  • 1991: Admitted at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Saxophone lessons from Dick de Graaf and Jasper Blom. Masterclasses with Lee Konitz, Kenny Weehler and Joe Lovano. Counterpoint with Volkert Grondsma.
  • In 1997 he finished his training with a DM/UM diploma.

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Tom Van Dyck Quartet      Afrodisax

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