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Téo Crommen
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Instrument(s) Guitar
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Green Moon Tribe (Sideman)     

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Born on November 27th, just like his personal hero Jimi Hendrix, Téo Crommen grew up under the sign of music, and especially guitar. Reared in a house where music, friendship, and good vibes are part of everyday life, he always spent time with the friends of the family, many of which are musicians. Over time, he bonded with Jacques Stotzem and Froidebise and, as he was accompanying his parents to the “Virton Acoustic Music” workshops, started manifesting a great interest for the guitar. Before the age of eight, he was offered his very first six-string by Jacques Stotzem himself. From that moment on, there is not one day that goes by without him playing, and he doesn’t leave the house without his beloved instrument. He now is a student of Eric Kisteman at the Malmedy Music Academy and continues to participate in workshops and master classes with renowned guitarists coming from around Europe and from different musical backgrounds, including jazz, blues, swing and folk. Among his teachers have been Jacques Pirotton, Marc Lelangue, Sanseverino and Dick Annegarn. Always equally interested in acoustic music as well as in rock, he started Green Moon with his friends Lorcan Fahy (Violin) and Lucas Deru (Double Bass) at the age of 13, and managed to write the first page of a promising journey.
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