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Stéphane Wertz
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Instrument(s) Guitar
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Stephane is a Belgian composer and guitariste that lives in Brussels.
Coming from a classical background (with Jacques Delvaux, Sergio and Odair Assad), Stephane persues his Folk/Blues and Jazz training with Jacques Stotzem and Jacques Pirotton. «I was born in a world of music. I come from a familly of musicians, rocked by my mother’s voice and French music as well as by my father’s guitar and the preludes of Villa - Lobos, which I knew by heart way before I learned how to play it myself!
Various «chocs» determined my life as a musician: the family’s vinyl collection (essentially classical music) to whom I owe my encounter with the 3 Bs (Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles); a Rhoda Scott Jazz concert - I was 13 years old and it’s the first time that I want to be in the musician’s shoes on stage; and finally, all the time spent with my guitar teachers (J. Delvaux et O. Assad) - they facinated me and initiated me to the worlds of music.» Thanks to these various musical horizons Stephane will be able to make use of his taste for eclectic music. This will lead him on differents paths: he will become a musician for Theatre, collaborate with various singers (Philmarie, CocoRoyal, Mary M, Antoine Chance,...), improvise with Indian musicians in New-Delhi, or even devote himself to the joys of electronic music (Mumtaz Project), ... Currently, and in addition to his various collaborations as exciting as punctual, Stephane spends most of his time, quite simply, in various pedagogical projects, composing, improvising, meditating, playing guitar.

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