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Stefan Bracaval
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Instrument(s) Flute, Composer
Date of birth December 9, 1967
Place of birth Malines
Current residence Antwerp
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Phone +32 (0)3 235 92 24
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Web site Dedicated website
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 Current bands

Stefan Bracaval & Pierre Anckaert (Leader)      Stefan Bracaval Quartet (Leader)
Sumari (flamencoJazz project) (Leader)      Wolf in the Wood (Sideman)
Pierre Anckaert quintet & Brussels Chamber Orchestra (Sideman)      Multitude (Sideman)
Lara Rosseel band (Sideman)     

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This flutist finished his studies in classical music at the Kon. Vlaams Muziek Conservatorium Antwerpen in 1989.As a Jazzflutist is almost self-taught, besides some summerclasses with John Ruocco and one year with Steve Houben at the Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles.

PRICES: With his groups he received in 1992 the first price of the "Brussels Jazz rallye" (Elixir, ex aequo with Michel Bisceglia trio)
and in 1994 the "prix Nicolas Dor" (with Ernst Vranckx).

PODIA: He played on several podia around Belgium: for example: Belga/Audi-jazzfestival '92, '94, '95; Jazz à Liège '94,'95,'99; Gaume Jazzfestival '92; Festival van Vlaanderen '95,'96,'98.

PERSONS: He played Garret List, John Ruocco, Charles Loos, Kenny Wheeler, Barre Phillips, Karl Van Deun, Deborah Brown, Chris Joris, Bert Joris,…

GROUPS:Now he plays with Sumari flamenco jazz project (Co-leader with Jose Toral), Stephane Martini "Papagaio", Hendrick Braeckman, Michel Bisceglia trio+1 en Xpedition (Co-leader met Marie Sophie Talbot).

"enseignements": Academie Grimbergen.

RECORDINGS (other than listed on this site):
He made recordings for Radio 3 (’96) en RTBF(‘94,99)

Amparo Cortez ('99 "Candela")
Jo Lemaire ('99" Une Vie" Mercury records
Jo Lemaire (2001 "Flagrants délices")
Ronny Verbiest ('2001"Caro hum")
José Toral (2002 "Almas en exilio")

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Papagaio      Anne Wolf Wooden Trio + Stefan Bracaval

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