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Steev Cris
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Date of birth December 19, 1979
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Steev Cris began playing the guitar at just 13. His sound was combined tunes of the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Green, Jeff Beck, and Robben Ford. His biggest influence would come from his first guitar teacher, Michel Leclercq

In 1998, Steev moved to London where he got his first contracts with bands : steal blue and milk

After a year of jamming in London's hottest night clubs, a love story would take him to Brazil, where he immersed himself in records by jazz artists Joe Diorio, Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Mike Stern. This type of intensive period is also known as "woodshedding". He also began studying with guitarist, Heitor Castro.

"Heitor is a wonderfull musician, he really changed my life musically"

But heartach would soon follow his learnings.After a few month in south america, Steev moved to Los Angeles and began studying with Jeff Richman, Frank Gambale and Ed Lucie at the Los Angeles Music Academy, in Los Angeles California.He also began attending clinics and master classes at the Musicians Institute, where he met up with Carl Verheyen, Scott Henderson and Robben Ford."

His time in LA turned out to be the most important period of his life. Other than walking down the streets of Sunset Boulevard, and going to the hottest 'spots', Cris learned things that would change his whole style of music to his own.

"i've learned so much with all these great musicians, especially Jeff Richman. Jeff has a very modern musicality,...his phrasing had a huge impact in changing mine."

Back to Europe in 2001 after a few years of travelling and study around the world, he started performing in a wide variety of musical situations ranging from rock to jazz and latin to fusion with several bands and toured in Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey, Africa and Switzerland.

He also taught in different music schools and music workshops.

Today, Steev is working closely with with swiss label, Color World Music as a composer and producer.

As a composer, his biggest influences would come from various world and ethnic music discovered while travelling around the globe and meeting musicians from different cultures. These influences are now mixed with his Blues and Rock backgrouns as well as his attraction to jazz and contemporary harmonies.

To sum up, the word fusion would go along well with "eclectic electric" as he was described by Philippe Baron in 2003.

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