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Simon Segers
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Instrument(s) Drums
 Current bands

Nathan Daems Quintet (Sideman)      MCDIII (Sideman)
De Beren Gieren (Sideman)      Black Flower (Sideman)
Andy Declerck Trio (Sideman)     

Simon Segers started to play the drums at the age of 10. From that moment on he formed several bands together with his brother, Frederik Segers (guitar). Until 10 years later these bands were his only activity in music.

At the age of 20 Simon started to get more interest in practicing and jazz-drumming. A year later he started at the Conservatory of Ghent. He was educated by Antoine Cirri, Marek Patrman, Teun Verbruggen, Toon Van Dionant, Jim Black, Mimi Verderame, Steve Clover and Arnout Gerritse. The last few years he has been very active in both rock and jazz projects.

De Beren Gieren and Stadt can be considered as his most personal projects in which he participates the most as a creative being. Other projects are SH.TG.N and Black Flower

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