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Sam Versweyveld
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Instrument(s) Trumpet, Flugelhorn
 Current bands

Chris Mentens Jazz Van (Sideman)     

Sam VERSWEYVELD starts his trumpet study at the age of 10. Although his formation is classical, his interest in jazz arises during his linguistic studies at the K.U.L university of Leuven in 1989.

He becomes student of Bert JORIS at the Lemmens institute of Leuven and completes his studies in 2000.

He played with several jazz and funk groups.

He is known for his versatility and an open approach to music.

He is nowadays member of band led by percussionist Chris JORIS, the CHRIS JORIS EXPERIENCE.

He recorded with that band the CD "LIVE" recorded live in '97 at Jazz Middelheim Festival in Antwerp and in Stockholm with, Jeroen VAN HERZEELE (saxophone), Ernst VRANCKX (piano), Chris MENTENS (acoustic bass) and guests N'Fallu KOYATE (kora), Ben NGABO (vocals & ngome's). (1998)

He also played with other well known Belgian jazz musicians, such as Bart DEFOORT (sax), etc...

In October 2000, he participated in the night of the Django d'Or in Brussels with a.o. Phil ABRAHAM (tb) and Bruno VANSINA (alto sax).

He also plays with the band of double bass player Chris MENTENS, CHRIS MENTENS JAZZ VAN.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Jambangle      Chris Joris Experience

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