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Sabin Todorov
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Instrument(s) Piano
Date of birth October 13, 1966
Place of birth Bulgaria
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 Current bands

Mariana Tootsie & Sabin Todorov (Leader)      Sabin Todorov / Bernard Guyot Duo (Leader)
Sabin Todorov Trio (Leader)      Bernard Guyot Quartet (Sideman)
Yvonne Walter quintet (Sideman)      Yvonne Walter quartet 'Bitter Sweet' (Sideman)

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Sabin Todorov was born in Bulgaria in 1966, and is a graduate of the Sofia conservatory, where he took music theory and harmony. He then studied further at the Brussels conservatory with Nathalie Loriers, Diederik Wissels and Arnould Massart.

A talented composer and arranger, he appears in Belgium for several years, his trio OUSTRO OUKO and Lionel Beuvens. His music integrates musical influences from his home country, Bulgaria.

For more than 3 years too, he is regular pianist of the Singers Nights at the Music Village in Brussels, bringing to the singers, not only his talent, but also his fantastic capability to listen, his calm and his exceptional kindness.

He appeared in duo with singers such as Geneviève Fraselle, Marianna Tootsie, etc...

He was the accompanyist for the Brussels International Young Jazz Singers Competition, organized by the Music Village.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Giacomo Lariccia Quintet     

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