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Roman Korolik
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Instrument(s) Electric bass
Date of birth August 20, 1970
Place of birth Genk
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 Current bands

The Belgian Swingjazz Orchestra (Sideman)      Qartet (Sideman)
Pieter Vandergooten Quartet (Sideman)      Nadine Nix Asempa (Sideman)
Milkshake Banana 2.0 (Sideman)      Ilse Duyck Group (Sideman)
Ben Vanderweyden quartet (Sideman)     

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Roman KOROLIK, of Ukrainian descent, is a very complete and all-around musician, he is one of the few bassists to play the 6-string electric bass, and he is at ease as well with pop artists such as Jo Lemaire as with jazz and fusion musicians.

He played with Tars LOOTENS (p), Koen, Peter VANDENDRIESSCHE (sax), Johan VANDENDRIESSCHE (bar. sax/flute) and his various bands, such as Jive Talk.

With pianist Dirk SCHREURS and drummer Bruno MEEUS, he recorded the CD Triassic jazz.

He appears regularly in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

He played with Fabrice ALLEMAN's ONE SHOT band, with Fabrice ALLEMAN (sax), Jean-Pierre CATOUL (vl), Paolo LOVERI (gt), Michel HERR (p/kb), Frédéric JACQUEMIN (drs), etc...

Considered a virtuoso on his instrument, he also played with the CATOUL/HERTMANS band, with Jean-Pierre CATOUL (vl), Peter HERTMANS (gt), Michel HERR (p/kb) and Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs) and the Fabien DEGRYSE Quartet, with Fabien DEGRYSE (gt), Jozef DUMOULIN or Michel HERR (kb) and Laurent MERCIER (drs).

He appears on the CD "Game Over" of drummer Mimi VERDERAME.

He is also active in the recordings studios.

He plays with "Chromatic Banana", the new band of alto saxophonist Peter VANDENDRIESSCHE.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Roman Korolik Group      Funky Boulevard
Fabien Degryse Jazz     

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