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Roeland Alen
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Date of birth 1977
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After finishing his classical guitar studies at the High School of Arts in Hasselt (B), Roeland Alen (1977) started his jazzguitar studies at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. His main teachers were Peter Hertmans and the late Pierre Van Dormael. Roeland's unique blend of voicings and melodic outlines is influenced by the works of John Abercrombie, John Petrucci, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Jeff Loomis and Allan Holdsworth. A creative balance between the sounds of jazz and rock is his musical trademark.

You can hear him play live on stage with his own band the Roeland Alen Quartet (featuring saxophone player Robin Verheyen), the Speak Low Trio (featuring Jan Servaes and Martijn Vanbuel), the Roman Korolik Group (featuring Dirk Schreurs, Roman Korolik, and Jan Servaes), Pieter Vandergooten, Alano Gruarin and Carlo Nardozza.

Roeland also teaches jazz/rockguitar at the Academy of Music in Genk and Maasmechelen (B).

Associated bands:
Roman Korolik Group     

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