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Robert Falk
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Place of birth France
Current residence Brussels
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Orchestre Toubab (Leader)     

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I was born in Paris, but if I am french I am not of french origin. My father is german and my mother is Belgian. This eclectic background may be already a reflection of my eclectic musical tastes. For professional reasons the family moved to Brussels when I was 10 and I still live presently in this city, one of the most multicultural of Europe.

I started to get interested in music when I was 14 and I bought my first guitar at the age of 15. At this time I was mostly interested in folk music, especially the protest songs of the USA. In order to understand the meaning of the lyrics I learned English as fast as possible. I also liked country blues as well as traditional music from Latin America or Eastern Europe.

I started very quickly to write songs and to play with school friends in various groups. I have still some recordings left of that time but their sentimental value far exceeds their musical value.

Later my musical tastes got more diverse. I started playing electric guitar and keyboards. I loved the head-rock (or symphonic rock) period from the early seventies then the jazz-rock explosion that followed.

At this time I also first stopped singing then writing songs. As from 1979 I have only composed instrumental music.

I played a lot of jazz-rock with two consecutive bands between 1979 and 1986 (Spring and Falklands). This led me to know the Belgian jazz scene, the nicest musical scene I know so far.

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