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Raphaëlle Brochet
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Instrument(s) Vocals
 Current bands

Raphaëlle Brochet & Philippe Aerts duo (Leader)      Olivier Collette quartet (Sideman)
Sitardust (Sideman)     

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Wherever she sets a foot, Raphaelle Brochet whose personality is radiant and whose talent is undeniable, leaves an indelible mark of her passage. Freshly landed in Brussels where she just moved, she is hoping to let her voice being heard and to tame our capital as she did in the past, whether it was in India or a United States. Formed in jazz, in solkattu and in Persian singing, Raphaelle combines all her influences to produce her original concept.

She also worked with jazz musicians from the Belgian scene, such as pianist Oliver Collette, vibist Jan De Haas, with whom she recorded an album.

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