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Ramon van Merkenstein
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Instrument(s) Double bass
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Ramon van Merkenstein trio (Leader)     

Ramon van Merkenstein believes in combining traditional and experimental styles of music. He pursues grooving sound, compelling rhythms and surprising harmonies.

Ramon graduated the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with a Master of Music degree for jazz double bass in 2017. His internationally recognized conservatory teachers Ė as well as his intensive studies of recordings by legendary jazz musicians Ė have inspired Ramon to find his own musical voice.

Ramonís musical creations and arrangements demonstrate his rich imagination and sophistication in jazz composition. Guided by fresh harmonies and grooving rhythms, he has developed his own characteristic style.

Audiences say itís a great experience to watch Ramon perform on stage. He radiates his own sound with jazz energy, while his interplay with other band members is always musically inventive and coherent.

Prepare to be surprised!
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