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Quentin Stokart
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Date of birth 1988
Place of birth Liege
 Current bands

Audrey Lauro/ Sylvain Haenen/ Frans Van Isacker/ Quentin Stokart (Leader)      Malmendier/ Van Isacker/ Stokart/ Rodrigues (Leader)
Frans Van Isacker - Quentin Stokart (Leader)      Tom Malmendier/ Frans Van Isacker/ Quentin Stokart (Leader)
Edi Olvitt (Leader)      Quentin Stokart qeerecords (Leader)
Haenen/Stokart (Leader)      mq (Leader)
Farida Amadou - Gaspard Sicx - Quentin Stokart (Leader)      Nils Vermeulen - Samuel Ber - Quentin Stokart (Leader)
Gaspard Sicx - Nicola Lancerotti - Quentin Stokart (Leader)      qb (Leader)
Malmendier - Van Isacker - Stokart (Leader)      Theo Lanau - Gaspard Sicx - Soet Kempeneer - Nicola Lancerotti - Quentin Stokart (Leader)
qj (Leader)      qt (Leader)
mg (Sideman)      Bruno Grollet quartet (Sideman)

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Born in Liege in 1988, Quentin Stokart studied music in Maastricht and Antwerp. He currently lives in Brussels, where he develops and composes his own music. He is active in different projects such as “qb’’, an acoustic duo with Benjamin Sauzereau on guitar and compositions. He plays and compose the music for the project Bloom with Manolo Cabras, Clement Dechambre, Alain Deval and Bruno Grollet, who released an album on the label El Negocito. He leads the group qt with Gaspard Sicx on drums and Nicola Lancerotti on bass, playing his own compositions. In the saxophonist Bruno Grollet's quartet, he explores jazz standards with Gaspard Sicx and Nicola Lancerotti. He also experiments improvised music with Franq, a trio with Tom Malmendier on snare and Frans Van Isacker on alto saxophone. In 2017, he started the label qeerecords which features most of his projects.
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