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Pieter Vandergooten
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth 1979
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So Friek
Phone +32 (0)496 26 48 12
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 Current bands

Pieter Vandergooten Quartet (Leader)      Marc Sperber Project - Jazz meets Tango (Sideman)
Trio Deja Nero (Sideman)      The Marc Sperber Trio (Sideman)

Texte également disponible en français 
Pieter Vandergooten started to play the drums at the age of 9 in the music academy of Schoten with Walter Mertens. After some years private lessons with popdrummer Michael Schack he came in contact with jazz by Teun Verbruggen and Bruno Vansina.
During his study years he was taught by Garcia Morales, Pieter Bast, Stephane Galland, Dom Famularo, John Engels, etc He graduated in 2006, in Brussels as a Master in Music.

Plays/played with Dirk Van der Linden, Hans Van Oost, Bruno Vansina, Andy Declerck, Dirk Schreurs, Roman Korolik, Carlo Nardozza, Janos Bruneel, Swa Mercelis, Pierre Anckaert, Peter Schneider, Steven Delannoye, etc.
Beside his own quartet he is also active in other bands as a sideman.

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