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Pierre Hurty
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Instrument(s) Drums
 Current bands

Wajdi Riahi Trio (Sideman)      Ozain quartet (Sideman)
Basile Rahola Quartet (Sideman)     

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Pierre Hurty began playing drums at the age of 7 years old, before adding classical percussion to his musical soundscape a few years later with Alain Pelletier and Jean-Baptiste Couturier at the conservatories of Bourges and Tours.

In 2014, he joined the percussion class of Gert François and Bart Quartier at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel where he obtains a Bachelor’s Degree in May 2017. Very attracted by the drums, Pierre decided to continue his studies in the jazz department with Stéphane Galland and Pieter Bast. He obtained successively a Bachelor’s Degree in 2019 then a Master’s Degree in 2021 after which he received the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award. Since 2019, he develops his two personal projects YAGŌ (piano trio) et YAGŌ Ξxtended (extended version with two pianos, double bass, and drums).

He co-leads the electric duet RIAHRTY with the Tunisian pianist Wajdi Riahi as well as the french collective Shatel with Louis Chevé-Melzer and Louis Guignier. Pierre is a very active musician of the Brussels scene (Belgium). He evolves as well in the classical project as in jazz or world music ones such as GHS (Simon Groppe, Pierre Hurty, Thomas Sagne), Basile Rahola Quartet, Wajdi Riahi Trio, Noémie Decroix “Voids”, Lulela (Gabriele Di Franco), Darimba (The Wassim Benrhouma Group), Symposie (semi-finalist of the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg 2018), Tomas Rivera Trio, On The Edge Of Sylvia (Grażyna Bienkowski), Songs Between Two Lands, Kays Frihat Quartet.

He also plays or played with Fabrizio Cassol, Brussel Philharmonic, Wolves, Casimir Liberski trio, Garbage Ghost, Olivier Anthony Theurillat Quartet, Spira Mirabilis, the Musica Ficta Ensemble…

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