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Paul Dubois
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Double bass, Vocals
Date of birth January 24, 1924
Place of birth Brussels
Date of death September 1, 2016
Self taught, Paul Dubois has become a central figure of Belgian mainstream jazz and and is considered as an outstanding bass player. In fact, Paul DUBOIS is one of the few bassists to use the bow, playing and singing his solos in a way that is reminiscent of American bassist Slam STEWART.

Paul DUBOIS played with countless American soloists, including jazz legends such as Max ROACH, Clifford BROWN, Lester YOUNG, Hank JONES, Don BYAS or Buck CLAYTON...

He also was a member of traditional jazz groups such as the JUMP COLLEGE, played withbop musicians or even the avant-garde quartet of saxophonist Babs ROBERT (with pianist Johnny BROUWERS and drummer Robert PERNET), with whom played a.o. at the Montreux Festival in 1967.
He was the regular bassist of the VICTORIA JAZZBAND.

Paul DUBOIS appears on many albums, with a.o. Bill COLEMAN, Jean-Lou VANDERBORGHT, Jack SELS, Jacques PELZER, René THOMAS, Johnny HOT, Robert CORDIER, Richard ROUSSELET, Phil ABRAHAM, Toots THIELEMANS, Herman SANDY, Jean FANIS, Willy ALBIMOOR, Johnny DOVER, Rudy FRANKEL, Vincent MARDENS, Jean-Pierre CATOUL etc...

With Charles LOOS (piano), Richard ROUSSELET (trumpet), Phil ABRAHAM (trombone), Paolo RADONI (guitar), Luc VANDEN BOSSCHE (drums), he formed the SWEET SUBSTITUTES and LE BLUE NOTE, with Herman SANDY (trumpet) , Vincent MARDENS (sax) , P. MENETRIER (kb) , C. VANHAUTE (drs) , Robert CORDIER (drs, perc.), P. NIEDERGANG (harmonica).

Paul DUBOIS also played with the Retro Jazz Orchestra (CD).

He regularly appeared with his "Tuesday's Lovers Jazz Band" at the Laiterie in Linkebeek.

Paul DUBOIS, also a painter, is considered a bass player of class and distinction who perfectly illustrates mainstream jazz in Belgium...

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  • CD Compilation: "Anthologie de Jean-Lou Vanderborght (1)", with Bill Coleman
  • Jean-Lou Vanderborght "Gershwin Melodies" (KOCH DICD 920384)
  • Robert Cordier "Magic Moods in a mellow tone" (Igloo Igl 049)
  • The Blue Notes : Music with friendsť (1998)
  • The Groovers (2003)

  • Associated bands:
    Paul Dubois and the Sweet Substitutes      Retro Jazz Orchestra
    Vocal Swing Anthology     

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