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Olivier Stalon
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Instrument(s) Electric bass, Acoustic bass guitar, Double bass, Composer
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 Current bands

Mok! (Sideman)      Fox (Sideman)
Charly Bil Swing (Sideman)      Al Orkesta (Sideman)

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Born a last century’s fall, Olivier waited around 20 springs to take his first lesson with Maarten Weyler in Antwerp.
When he was able to use 2 strings and less than fifteen centimetres of his guitar, he decided to try to use the entire surface off his bass neck and became a pupil of Michel Hatzi at Brussel’s Conservatory.

Thanks his new skills, he played with different bands, combo & big-bands in several conservatories & workshops.
His instructors were Pierre Vaiana, Eric Legnini, Richard Rousselet, John Ruocco, Diederick Wissels, Kris Defoort.

As electricity became more and more expensive; Olivier bought an upright bass. And, the owner’s manual was written in Czechoslovak, he asked Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Bart Denolf for some instructions.

Simultaneously, he started his career with musicians, singers, bands from Belgium, France, Germany and Tunisia. One thing leading to another, he toured with those artists all around Europe and Africa. Simultaneously he transmitted his experience and culture to Belgian, Tunisian and Luxemburgish students.

Olivier played in different clubs & festivals in Belgium & abroad:
Audi Jazz Festival (B), Black Diamond (Dk), Brussels Jazz Marathon (B), Festival Confluences (B), Francofolies de Spa (B), Frameries Jazz Festival (B), Galele de Jazz – Brasov (RO), Gouvy Jazz Festival (B), Images of the Middle East Festival (Dk), Jazz à Liège (B), Jazz Tour des Lundis d’Hortense (B), Mons en Jazz (B), Namur Jazz Festival (B), Ploiesti Hot Jazz Summit (Ro) Sibiu Jazz Festival (Ro), Camelia Lounge (Or).

Currently he plays the bass and is member of :
Alain Pierre Acoustrees, Al Cardboard Orkesta, Commander Grek, Fox, Giacomo Lariccia Quintet, Hughes Maréchal, Marc Mangen Trio, qUETZAL, Todd Bishop’s Pop Art 4 (Europe).

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Quetzal      Darwin Case
Upanishads      Alex Beaurain Quintet
Alain Pierre Trio      Aja Quartet

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