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Niko Deman
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Instrument(s) Piano, Keyboards
Date of birth December 5, 1975
Place of birth Antwerp
 Current bands

Hijaz (Leader)     

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
Niko Deman was born in Antwerp on the 5th of December 1975.

From a small age he showed enthusiasm for music. That’s why at the age of eight he got his first keyboard on which he started experimenting with the magic of sounds.

At the age of 16 the Greek background of his mother motivated him to start playing the bouzouki on his own. About four years later a Greek traditional music group was born which practiced the genre rebetika, a music type comparable with the blues in style and tempo.

In 1997, his growing interest in jazz made him put all his energy in studying jazz piano at the Jazzstudio of Antwerp.

With his limitless goals, he began studying at the Academy of Music of Antwerp in 2000. He completed the years of candidature with Eric Vermeulen and the master program with Christoph Erbstösser.

Today Niko is a teacher of Jazz and Light Music at the Municipal Academies of Kalmthout and Brasschaat, where he finds joy in teaching children.

Niko joins the cover group of Tentation, founded by 10 enthusiastic members. In addition he plays with Adhemar.

He also plays with the band Hijaz (CD).

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