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Nicolas Dory
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Instrument(s) Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Composer
Date of birth May 1, 1974
Place of birth Namur
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Ordinal Cosy (Leader)     

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Nicolas DORY studies at IMEP (Namur), at the Brussels Music Conservatory, wher he obtains a First Prize for saxophone.

His teachers were Michel HATZIGEORGIOU, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE, Arnould MASSART and Guy CABAY.

He participates in several recordings and shows for kids (Thibault) as a saxophonist or bassist.

He recorded with a.o. André KLENES (b), Thierry GUTMAN (drs), Jean-Pierre CATOUL (vl) or Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE in various productions.

For 6 years, he teaches at the Summer workshops of Rossignol (Gaume Jazz).

He formed his own band, MATTIS, a quintet for which he writes the music, presenting fusion music with four talented young musicians : Marco LOCURCIO (gt), Jozef DUMOULIN (Rhodes), Jacques PILI (el. bass) and Maxime LENSSENS (drs).

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:

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