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Nick Kletchkovsky
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Electric bass, Guitar
Date of birth August 25, 1926
Date of death November 7, 2000
Nick Kletchkovsky played guitar and bass, and mostly electric bass in the last years of his long musical career.

He was during many years the regular bassist of the BRT Jazzorkest, the Flemish radio big band led by Etienne Verschueren.
In that context, he had the opportunity to play with many famous American and European soloists and arrangers.

He played a.o. with Fud Candrix, Philip Catherine, Sadi, Francy Boland, Bob Porter, Michel Herr, Freddy Sunder etc...

In the sixties, he toured and recorded with singer Caterina Valente (Caterina Valente "Live" LP).

He also played with old style jazz bands and dance band such Johnny Hot's "The Jump College".

In the seventies, he played and recorded with fusion bands such as Marc Moulin's Placebo and Michel Herr's Solis Lacus. He appears on several albums of those bands, as well as on the LP "Rock Slides" with pianist Scott Bradford, and on an album with German guitarist Siegfried Schwab.


  • Henri Carels "Jazz ą la Rose Noire" (1955)
  • Caterina Valente Live (1969)
  • Scott Bradford "Rock Slides" (1970)
  • Placebo "Ball of eyes" (1971)
  • Fud Candrix "The talent of Fud Candrix"
  • Placebo (1973)
  • Solis Lacus (1975)
  • Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - Skleroptak ‎(1976)
  • BRT Jazzorkest "White cliff" (1985)
  • Marc Moulin "Placebo sessions 1971-1974"
  • Sigfried Schwab "Get back to rhythm" (1999)

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