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Natacha Wuyts
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Instrument(s) Vocals
Date of birth May 13, 1978
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 Current bands

Natacha Wuyts - Charles Loos (Leader)      Natacha Wuyts Quintet (Leader)

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Born in 1978 and coming from musicians' family, Natacha begins in a self-taught way in their sides and will develop very fast a love and a passion for the music and will discover the scene. Having finished her studies, she decides to go to Antwerp to the ' Jazz Studio ' where she will study the singing and the piano and will participate in training courses. She had various formations: jazz, Funk, Rock, World. Playing in restaurant, live music café with which she will improve as well in the covers as in the composition. On returning to Brussels, she will follow a combo course, a music theory course and a training of Lyric singing with Eva Nyakas for 3 years and also a theatrical training.

She participates in numerous groups of very different styles such as ; Garden City (blues)
Les Funky Bourricots Boppers (soul, funk)
Le Chien jaune (rock)
Marvellous Inc. (compos)
Mother Popcorn (funk)
Nat Swing Cool (Quintet jazz)
Natrio (jazz)
Pretchel Dave (reggae)

Places where she had played : Music Village, JazzStation, Les midis du Jazz à Liège, Sounds Jazz club, Centre culturel d’Uccle, Jazz Marathon, Théatre Marni, Botanique, Festival Jazz à Liège...

Musicians with whom she had played : Franck Wuyts, Bart De Nolf, Michaël Blaes, Benoit Vandestraeten, Bruno Castellucci, Stéphane Mercier, Bas Cooijmans, Sabin Todorov , Lionel Beuvens, Sal La Roca, Paolo Loveri...

Currently she plays in :

    KasaDiMansa : (World),
    Natacha Wuyts Quintet : (Jazz),
    The Bundle (Jazz) site à venir,
    Chimcherry : (composition),
    PretchelDave : choriste (Reggae)

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
The Bundle     

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