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Nancy June
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Instrument(s) Vocals
Place of birth Dendermonde
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Jeggpap Jazzband (Sideman)     

Nancy, born in Dendermonde, was very young when she started practicing music. Up to now, music has been very important in her life.
Nancy didn't take many lessons, because she believes that music should come honestly straight from the heart.

Today, she has grown into a Jazz singer. Nancy performs with "The Jeggpap Jazzband"; this band is since 1962 on stage and has given concerts all over the world.

Beside this, Nancy started a new project which is very suitable for hotels, bars and restaurants. Guided by a pianist, she brings more than 2 hours of easy soft Jazz with the most known standards.

Every year she is on stage with the Jeggpap Jazz band at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel for a Jazz brunch.

Nancy took lessons from:
Carlo Müringer, Rachel Gould, Kristina Fuchs, and her permanent mentor is Peter de Smet.

Nancy teaches "Vocal-Yoga", which helps singers to breathe correctly.

Nancy worked a.o. with:
Chan Dara
The Next Generation
The Jeggpap Jazzband
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