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Nadine Nix
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Instrument(s) Vocals
Date of birth 1968
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Nadine Nix Asempa (Leader)     

Nadine Nix discovered the sounds of nature for the first time in 1968, her year of birth.
After the completion of her childhood studies of classical percussion with distinction, she participated in several musical projects.

As an adolescent, she was creative both as a singer and as a percussionist in rock and pop bands.

Then she discovered jazz and attended the Academy of Music in Maastricht as a vocalist, after which she obtained a master’s degree in Amsterdam and Enschede.  

Her successful first CD, “Bémol 10”, released in 2004, is a mix of jazz moods with very personal arrangements.

In order to reach larger audiences, Nadine Nix decided to start her own band with Roman Korolik (bass guitar), Frank Peeters (guitar), Mike Roelofs (keyboards) and Ron van Stratum (drums) in 2007.

In her music you will discover jazz, pop and folk influences, which blend into exciting and captivating world music.

Besides her activities in her own band, she has also been involved in several projects, both as a lead singer and background vocalist, such as a Tribute to Joe Zawinul, Sam Vloemans’ Bord du Nord, and she performed on stage with the famous vocalist Bobby McFerrin.

With her warm and seductive voice and her energetic on-stage presence, the multi-talented singer has obtained a firm position in the international jazz scene. Her 2009 release, Asempa, is a perfect example of the high quality and sparkling sound of  Nadine Nix and her band.

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