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Milou Struvay
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Trumpet
Date of birth 1936
Date of death November 30, 2005
Place of death Liege
Texte également disponible en français 
Active in the fifties-seventies, trumpet player Milou Struvay was a lyrical and sensitive player in the footsteps of Miles Davis or Chet Baker.

He appears on the classic album "Jazz in Little Belgium" (Decca 123.259, 1958), on which he plays with "Jacques Pelzer and his young boys" (Jean-Pierre Gebler, Joël Vandrogenbroeck, Benoît Quersin and Vivi Mardens).

Milou Struvay appeared with his New Jazz Quintet (with Robert Jeanne, tenor sax; Hubert Chatelain, piano; Georges Leclerq, b; Félix Simtaine, drs). The band has appeared during the Comblain-la-Tour jazz festival (B).

With Jean-Pierre Gebler, he participates in the film soundtrack of a Portugese movies from the "Nouvelle-vague" : "Belarmino".

Milou played a.o. with Jean Pierre Gebler, Robert Jeanne, Pony Poindexter, Freddie Deronde, Pierre Vaiana, Antoine Cirri, André Klenes, Pierre Peusgen, Guy Cabay, Gerd Breuer etc...

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