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Michel Delville
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Vocals, Composer
Current residence Ougrée
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Web site Dedicated website
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Machine Mass (Leader)      Machine Mass sextet (Leader)
The Wrong Object (Leader)      Machine Mass Trio (Sideman)
douBt (Sideman)     

MICHEL DELVILLE has been performing and composing alternative music since the mid-1980s. His most recent projects include the quintet The Wrong Object, douBt, Machine Mass feat. Dave Liebman, Alex Maguire's Electric 6tet, the New Texture Pan Tonal Fellowship (under the direction of Stanley Jason Zappa), the Ed Mann Project, Markus Stauss's TZGIV, The Moving Tones, Ensemble Mosae and The Gödel Codex.

He has played and recorded with Dave Liebman, Elton Dean, Annie Whitehead, Harry Beckett, Richard Sinclair, Ed Mann, Tony Levin, Alex Maguire, Dagmar Krause, Benoît Moerlen, Tony Bianco, Karen Mantler, Geoff Leigh, Markus Stauss, Guy Segers, Klaus Blasquiz, Gilad Atzmon, Robin Verheyen and many others leading jazz and rock musicians. The last few years have been a productive period, with recording and touring taking Delville to many different countries (including Japan, The United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Wales, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Luxembourg and Belgium).

Radio programmes about his musical works have been aired by RTBF, RAI3, RTC, VPRO, and many other national and independent TV and radio channels, and received rave reviews from publications such as Jazzwise, Down Beat, Guitar Player, Signal to Noise, Jazzit, Allmusic, Musica Jazz (July 2008), Jazz Review, Exposé, and hundreds of magazines, e-zines and blogs.

In the Summer of 2009 he teamed up with Alex Maguire (Michael Moore, Elton Dean, Sean Bergin, ...) and Tony Bianco (Dave Liebman, Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann) to create a new power-trio named douBt. Their debut release, Never Pet a Burning Dog, features Richard Sinclair on guest vocals and bass. The project toured Japan and Europe, and their latest offering, Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love, has been described, rather hyperbolically, as the answer to "the question of how Soft Machine might have sounded with Jimi Hendrix in their band" (Something Else; 2013).

Delville was voted one of the 10 best electric guitarists of the year 2010 by Arnaldo DeSouteiro's Annual Jazz Station Poll, which also voted douBt 3rd best Instrumental Group.

In 2010 he was invited to join and coordinate Comicoperando, a tribute to the music of Robert Wyatt whose line-up includes Dagmar Krause, Richard Sinclair, Annie Whitehead, Gilad Atzmon, Alex Maguire, Chris Cutler, John Edwards and Cristiano Calcagnile. In 2011 the band toured Europe and Canada as a sextet, a period documented in Pavel Borodin's film "Comicoperando in Amsterdam," which was co-produced by the Dutch national radio.

From 2011 to 2013, Delville was part of the international collective 48 Cameras, with whom he released a studio album and a collaboration with Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner and launched two new projects: the blues-rock oriented Ensemble Mosae (with Laurent Delchambre et Damien Campion) and The Gödel Codex (an electro-jazz quartet featuring Etienne Plumer, Antoine Guenet and Christophe Bailleau).

In the Spring of 2014, The Wrong Object collaborated with the Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir on a live rendition of Zappa's 200 Motels. In 2014, Machine Mass, an electro-jazz band founded with Tony Bianco in 2010, joined forces with sax player extraordinaire Dave Liebman: INTI, their debut album was released by MoonJune Records to worldwide critical acclaim. Machine Mass Plays Hendrix followed in 2017, and new studio albums by The Gödel Codex and The Wrong Object are forthcoming in 2018.


  • Dominique Vantomme w. Tony Levin/Michel Delville/Maxime Lenssens, Vegir (MoonJune, 2018)
  • Machine Mass Plays Hendrix (MoonJune, 2017)
  • Machine Mass feat. Dave Liebman, Inti (MoonJune, 2014)
  • Robin Rimbaud/48Cameras, We Could Bring You Silk in May (Interzone, 2013)
  • The Wrong Object, After the Exhibition (MoonJune, 2013)
  • NichelOdeon, Bath Salts (Lizard Rec/Den Rec, 2013)
  • Comicoperando (Krause/Mantler/Whitehead/Delville/Edwards/Cutler), Live at the Bimhuis (promo CD, ExB, 2012)
  • douBt (Alex Maguire/Michel Delville/Tony Bianco), Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love (MoonJune Records, 2012)
  • 48 Cameras, Right North, she said ... (Interzone, 2012)
  • Machine Mass Trio, As Real as Thinking (Tony Bianco/Michel Delville/Jordi Grognard) (MoonJune Records, 2011)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Live @ El Negocito (After-Z Productions, 2011)
  • douBt (Alex Maguire/Michel Delville/Tony Bianco feat. Richard Sinclair), Never Pet a Burning Dog (MoonJune Records, 2010)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Summer Madness (After-Z Productions, 2010)
  • The Wrong Object feat. Stanley Jason Zappa and Nick Shrowaczewski, Live at Zappanale 2008 (Fazzul Music, 2009)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Dusk of the New World (After-Z Productions, 2009)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Dawn of the New World (After-Z Productions, 2009)
  • Trank Zappa Grappa in Varčse, TZGIV Play Zappa (Fazzul Music, 2009)
  • Alex Maguire Sextet, Brewed in Belgium (MoonJune Records, 2008)
  • The Wrong Object, Stories from the Shed (MoonJune Records, January 2008)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Live at L'An Vert (After-Z Productions, 2008)
  • Trank Zappa Grappa in Varčse, More Light (Fazzul Music, 2007)
  • The Wrong Object, Platform One (Voiceprint, 2007) feat. Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead
  • Elton Dean & The Wrong Object, The Unbelievable Truth (MoonJune Records, 2006)
  • The Wrong Object, The Wrong Object feat. Ed Mann - Zappanale 2004 (Maximalist Records, CD promo, 2004)
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