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Michel Debrulle
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Instrument(s) Drums, Composer
Date of birth August 18, 1955
Place of birth Halle
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Collectif du Lion asbl
Address Rue Belleflamme 49j
4030 Grivegnée
Contact : Myriam Mollet
Phone +32 (0)497 42 96 86
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
 Current bands

L'Orchestre du Lion (Leader)      Trio Grande (Leader)
Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra (Leader)      Michel Debrulle solo (Leader)
Seb&Deb (Sideman)      Trio Grande + Matthew Bourne (Sideman)

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Michel DEBRULLE studied music in Liège, Belgium, a.o. attending the improvisation classes of US tromboner player Garrett LIST, with whom he was to collaborate at a later stage for various projects.

Attracted by the most avant garde forms of jazz and improvised music, he formed TRIO BRAVO with two prominent Belgian musicians, alto saxophone player Fabrizio CASSOL and trombone/tuba player Michel MASSOT. The trio recorded several albums for the IGLOO label and soon toured through whole Europe with a great success.

Michel DEBRULLE also played with several contemporary music projects, a.o. for composr Henri POUSSEUR. He participated in LA GRANDE FORMATION, a.o. with Garrett LIST, a band that recorded several albums, a.o. on the CARBON 7 label.

After a few years, the TRIO BRAVO formula was superceded by TRIO GRANDE, with French saxophonist/clarinet player.

This collaboration with Laurent DEHORS expanded, as Michel DEBRULLE joined Laurent's amazing big band TOUS DEHORS.

Michel DEBRULLE is very active a.o. on the French and European scene. He played in numerous festivals.

He also participated in several film music scores.

He also plays with Michel MASSOT's BATHYSCAPHE 5.

Other musicians he played with : Pierre BERNARD (flute), Laurent BLONDIAU (tp), Jean-Yves EVRARD, Etienne PLUMER (perc.), Stéphan POUGIN (perc.), Denis CHANCEREL, David CHEVALLIER, Denis CHAROLLES, Catherine DELAUNAY-DESPAS, Christophe MONIOT, etc...

As far as his own projects are concerned, he recently launched REVE D'ELEPHANT, which exists in septet or trio.

Michel DEBRULLE also gives solo performances, playing various drums and percussion instruments, including the spectacular Binche drum and plays duets with dancer and choreographer Thomas Hauert and clarinet and saxophone player Sébastien Texier.

He also works with dance companies, a.o. recently "Close Seduction" with dancers Azpillaga INAKI, Violetta TODO-GONZALES, Ronald BURCHI.

Michel DEBRULLE teaches rhythm to dancers at the P.A.R.T.S School (Brussels, principle A-T De Keersmaeker).

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COLLECTIF DU LION"Séquences" (IGLOO, 1984)
BAKLAVA RHYTHM AND SOUL"Baklava Rhythm and Soul" (IGLOO,1985)
Henri POUSSEUR"Rose des Voix" (IGLOO,1985)
TRIO BRAVO "Pas de Nain" (IGLOO,1985)
TRIO BRAVO "Compact" (IGLOO Igl 065, 1988)
TRIO BRAVO "Quatrième Monde" (IGLOO Igl 083, 1990)
Pierre VAIANA Quartet"Eldorado" (IGLOO Igl 067, 1989)
GLASNOTES "Metaphysical Gagman International" (Franc 'Amour, 1989)
LA GRANDE FORMATION"Everyone lived in a pretty how town" (Igloo, 1991)
LA GRANDE FORMATION"Galilée" (Carbon 7 C7 10, 1994)
TRIO GRANDE "Trio Grande" (IGLOO Igl 109, 1995)
Thierry DEVILLERS/ Michel DEBRULLE"Tout est Joli" (IGLOO Igl 104)
BATHISCAPHE 5"Bathiscaphe 5" with a.o. Michel MASSOT (IGLOO Igl 112)
Laurent DEHORS & TOUS DEHORS "Dans la rue" (CC Productions 987617), 1996
Laurent DEHORS & TOUS DEHORS"Dentiste" (Evidence EVDC 827), 1998
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